GitHub at Google

GitHub is home to a great deal of open source code that we release. Because GitHub is a third-party site, we have a few requirements and pieces of guidance concerning its use. They are to ensure we use the service in a way that makes sense to you and ensures our code is healthy and secure. See the links below for more information about how to use GitHub while at Google.

If you need help or have any questions, please raise a bug here.

TIP: New to GitHub?

The official GitHub guides are a great place to get started.


GitHub accounts and the policies governing them: go/github-docs/accounts

Find information on managing your account and other questions such as:


Where your repository should live, how to manage it, and more: go/github-docs/repos

Learn where to publish your code, how to manage repositories, and other questions such as:


How to accept contributions to your project: go/releasing/contributions

Additionally, find out how to manage, verify, and troubleshoot CLAs: go/cla


What organizations are available to you, how to request a new org, how to onboard an existing org, and how to manage it once it has been created: go/github-docs/orgs

Learn how to join an organization, regain access, and more:

Apps and services

Policies and requirements for using GitHub apps and services: go/github-docs/services

Find out what apps and services are approved and other questions such as: