GitHub Organizations

At Google, we manage quite a few different organizations for product areas, projects, and more. Most open source released by Googlers is housed in one of those organizations. Each may have its own set of guidelines and policies about their expectations for repositories housed in the organization. For projects without a clearly applicable organization, OSPO manages where Googlers may release projects (including side projects).

WARNING: Do not create any new organizations for Google projects. If you think one is needed, please see go/new-github-org.

As an org owner, you are able to manage memberships and permissions across your org. If you would like to keep your GitHub Teams synced with internal MDB groups, consider using go/teamsync.


Sometimes Google acquires companies who have been using GitHub. To onboard these existing organizations to be managed as part of Google:

  1. Please add google-admin as an owner to your organization
  2. Please fill out out: go/onboard-org-request