Google Open Source sponsors a variety of events across open source, from local meetups to industry-wide conferences, as well as hosting own our events to share Google expertise. We strive to support collaborative and welcoming spaces—please stop by our booths and spaces to say 'hi'! We'd love to meet you.

Google in the industry

We want open source projects and community members to thrive, and by sponsoring events, we help create spaces of connection, learning, sharing, and trust in our communities. Through providing financial and event support, we can help sustain our open source communities! Find us at a booth or session near you:

February 3–4, 2024
FOSDEM 2024 is a free two-day event for software developers to collaborate and share ideas within the open source community. The event, held in Brussels, promotes the use of free and open source software. Widely recognized as being highly developer-oriented, the conference is attended by thousands of developers from all over the world.
February 6–7, 2024
State of Open Con 2024 will put the spotlight on Open Technology. The event will focus on open source software, open hardware, open data, open innovation, and open standards, as well as the value that the open community brings to the UK and its digital economy. The event features a broad array of topics and a diverse range of speakers and participants.
March 4-5, 2024
FOSS Backstage is a two-day conference dedicated to everything related to FOSS governance and open collaboration. The event will feature talks, workshops, and panels with experts from the Free and Open Source Software community. Attendees will be encouraged to share best practices and ideas to improve free and open source software development.

Open Source events by Google

Google's monthly event series, Google Open Source Live, offers the opportunity to connect with and learn from Googlers and the wider open source community.

March 2, 2023

Google Open Source Live in March will present Bazel Day 2023, including:

  • Managing External Dependencies with Bzlmod
  • Fast build and test with Bazel's remote caching and remote execution
Join this event LIVE for sessions, speaker Q&A, and after-party fun!

February 2, 2023

Google Open Source Live in February will present Android Day 2023, including:

  • Learn Crosvm
  • Extending the open-source KVM hypervisor for Android
  • Cloud Android Update
Join this event LIVE for sessions, speaker Q&A, and after-party fun!

December 1, 2022

Google Open Source Live in December will present Tekton Day, including:

  • From Source to Production with Tekton
  • How Nubank scaled up its CI/CD platform using Tekton
  • Tekton Pipelines Version 1 and Beyond
Join this event LIVE for sessions, speaker Q&A, and after-party fun!

Past events

From hosting events to participating in other conferences, we have knowledgeable Googlers sharing information about open source year round. We have a wide range of non-technical and technical topics, so if you missed us at an event or want to watch something again, take a look at our past events.

This month’s Google Open Source Live will highlight why Istio is for everyone along with multiple sessions presented by Istio team members and the community. Join us to learn about using Istio to observe your services, requesting flow through your service mesh, as well as working with the Kubernetes community to standardize APIs.

Original air date:
September 2, 2021 9:00 AM

Learn Kubernetes with Google is a video series that covers different features and functionalities of Kubernetes for developers and operators. Find sample code and explanations in short videos, and take your Kubernetes game to the next level!