Adding Code to //third_party

Adding new code to //third_party should take you only a few hours of work, and you'll normally get a review within a day. Once you've added code to //third_party, you can update it as much and as often as you like without having to go through this process again. These are the steps you should follow:

  1. Get the code
  2. Put the code in (the right) //third_party
  3. Get the code working with Google
  4. Document the code and its context
  5. Get a review

For questions about this process or document email emailremoved@.

Compilers and toolchains

We allow new compilers and toolchains in //third_party, but you must follow the process documented at go/newtoolchains, getting approval from emailremoved@ before importing them.

For new languages, see the policies at go/newlanguages.

When to escalate

If the code includes a PATENTS file, a commercial license, or a new license type that seems fishy, please escalate to the Open Source Compliance team for review.