Student Programs

We proudly run two major programs for students interested in contributing to open source software development.

Google Summer of Code

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For university students ages 18+

Now in our 15th year, this summer tradition offers university students around the world a chance to do real software development for open source projects during their summer breaks and receive a stipend (read: get paid for it). Their code becomes part of software used by the wider community.

Students submit proposals for what they’d like to work on. Participating organizations accept the best ideas and provide mentors to help students work with the project’s team and codebase.

Although most participating students are pursuing Computer Science undergrad degrees, the program also welcomes graduate and PhD students, students with other majors, and non-traditional students who may have returned to school after years in the workforce.

Over 14,000 students from 109 countries have been accepted into the program working with 651 organizations and over 24,000 mentors from 120 countries, producing over 35 million lines of code!

Googlers are allowed and encouraged to be GSoC mentors! This applies to both work-related and non-work related projects.

Google Code-in

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For pre-university students ages 13-17

Helping to reach and encourage students earlier in life, this contest offers teens around the world the chance to work on a variety of bite-sized tasks with a carefully selected handful of the open source organizations that participate in Summer of Code. Task possibilities include:

  • Writing and refactoring code
  • Creating and editing documentation and training materials
  • Community management, outreach, and marketing
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Design and user experience research

Students who complete tasks can earn certificates, t-shirts and hoodies. At the end of the contest, each participating organization selects two grand prize winners (based on both the quantity and quality of the student’s completed tasks) to receive a trip (with a parent or guardian) to the Googleplex in Mountain View for an awards ceremony and opportunity to meet Google engineers.

We’re providing early growth opportunities for tomorrow’s open source community — over 11,200 teens from 108 countries have completed over 55,000 tasks!

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