OSPO Ambassadors

Do you have a passion for contributing to or using open source software? Interested in helping our team promote the use of open source software in and outside of Google? Become an OSPO Ambassador! OSPO Ambassadors are a group of volunteers who assist with tasks like teaching the Noogler Orientation course, reviewing third-party code and attending or hosting local FOSS conferences.

Aside from working with an amazing group of Engineers, PgM’s and open source enthusiasts, as an OSPO Ambassador you’ll get some cool gear (we have the best swag at Google), earn yourself a nice new Moma badge (bragging rights) and more. Most importantly you’ll help keep the open source ecosystem thriving.

Some of the areas we could use help on are:

Compliance, Training, etc.

  • serve as a third-party reviewer
  • deliver the Noogler training in your office or nearby offices
  • help answer questions on emailremoved@ and/or emailremoved@
  • train other ambassadors
  • help publicize licensing/releasing guidelines (reminding peers to go through proper help processes and follow best practices)


Conference Identification and Sponsorship

  • suggest projects and events for sponsorship
  • speak about Google open source projects at conferences
  • attend local events as an OSPO representative

We know not everyone will be excited about doing all of the tasks, and that’s okay! As a volunteer, you are welcome to just do the things that you are comfortable with. If you can help with any one of the items listed above (or propose something else we haven’t thought of) that would be great.