Open source is a foundation that much of Google is built upon. As part of OSPO’s charter to support the open source community, we provide funding to selected organizations and projects for a variety of reasons:

  • To help them add functionality needed by Google
  • To ensure the overall health of projects we depend on
  • To bolster strategic projects

We also pay membership dues to certain open source organizations Google wishes to be part of.

We only fund projects which are available under an OSI-approved license and which Google can be proud to be associated with. We do ask that the recipients mention Google’s support on their blog or contribute a guest post to the Google Open Source Blog. Projects we support financially may also use Google’s logo on their donors page, provided they follow the Google Logo guidelines.

Our funding budget is evaluated each year to determine which projects will be supported. We leave a small portion of our funds unallocated so we can respond to unanticipated needs throughout the year.

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