How to classify a license

An unclassified license is one that is unrecognized by our license classifier. The license classifier (go/license-classifier) is the source of truth for license classifications at Google.

Have a license that is unclassfied? Here's what to do.

How to get your license classified

  1. File a ticket to get the license classified - go/classifylicensebug

    Ensure that the path to the LICENSE file is mentioned!

  2. Wait!

    These bugs need to be reviewed by humans at this point. Initially they will be fielded by the Compliance eng and legal team will review the license.

  3. Code gets updated.

    Once the compliance team assigns a classification, someone from the compliance eng team will update the license classifier.

  4. Wait again....

    Commend yourself on your patience! This process is a work in progress. Because this is a code change you'll need to wait for a rollout of whatever tool you are using. All compliance eng tooling rolls out Monday --> Thursday.

  5. All done!

Why is this license not classified?

License tooling (i.e. go/addlicensedeps or go/collect_licenses) relies on the License Classifier (go/license-classifier) to provide compliance-reviewed classifications for license text. If the license classifier cannot classify your license, you'll get an "unknown classification" error when using certain compliance tooling.


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