Google Open Source Principles

These principles are the results of an effort from the Open Source Council, a group of open source leaders across Google.

These open source principles shape how we think about open source participation, both in Google-led projects and community-led projects. We strive to embrace these principles and use them to guide our steps when interacting with the open source community of creators, contributors, and users.

Respect the user

  • Create and contribute to open source projects thoughtfully, intentionally, and mindfully.
  • Set clear expectations for users around released projects.
  • Communicate clearly to all contributors and users.

Respect the opportunity

  • Model excellent behavior, especially in competitive open source situations and interactions; we represent Google in open source.
  • Treat the investment from Google, our partners, and our contributors with care; let's help them succeed.
  • Positively add to communities in which we participate; be a good open source citizen.

Respect each other

  • Be welcoming and inclusive; appreciate community members in words and actions.
  • Set clear expectations around behavior and enforce published conduct policies.
  • Respect projects’ direction; we believe in having an enduring, peer relationship with the open source community.