Open Source for Nooglers

Required training for engineering nooglers

All engineering nooglers are required to complete the Open Source, Patents and IP Options for Googlers eLearning module as part of their noogler orientation. This module teaches you how to safely use open source software at Google, options for releasing and contributing to open source projects, and how to keep your personal projects separate from your Google work.

Nooglers generally complete this module during the second week of noogler orientation. If you have not yet completed the module, or if you would simply like a refresher, you're always welcome to access it here:

  • http://linkremoved/

Other resources

General onboarding resources (beta)

General onboarding information for nooglers who will be working in open source as part of their job responsibilities (including links to project-specific onboarding help) is available at go/opensourceonboarding.

Open source best practices

Find overall guidelines and best practices for Technical Practitioners working in open source projects at go/opensourceonboarding-bestpractices. The first three sections focus on technical workflows and the fourth section addresses social workflows focused on community and communication.