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Have questions not answered by our documentation? Most OSPO services have dedicated mailing lists. Depending on the sensitivity of your question, email may still be the most appropriate way to reach out to us:

Tools for everyone


  • Questions about releasing or patching open source code: emailremoved@
  • Questions about open source licensing: emailremoved@
  • Questions about GitHub: Raise a bug here
  • Questions about open source hardware: emailremoved@

Third-party software help


Legal and compliance guidance


Business strategy & consulting


Data analysis and open source research


Messaging content and channel management


  • Questions about the Google Open Source Blog, the Google Open Source project directory, and emailremoved@

Open source education


  • Questions about Noogler training: emailremoved@
  • Questions about third_party reviewer training: emailremoved@
  • Questions about general open source educational materials, maintainer guides, and tutorials: emailremoved@

Stewarding sustainable communities


Open source funding


  • Questions about sponsorships, event funding, and the Open Source Peer Bonus program: emailremoved@
  • Questions about Google Summer of Code: emailremoved@
  • Questions about Season of Docs: emailremoved@

Join our chat room

If you would like to chat with someone knowledgeable about open source at Google, we have an open source help chat room.

A few notes for the chat room:

  • Do not remove other Googlers from the chat room; if there is an issue, send an email to emailremoved@
  • Create a new thread for a new topic, and try to stay on topic; this makes it easier for others to search for their own question
  • While we aim to answer all questions, the person knowledgeable about your issue may not be available to answer right away
  • If your question involves sensitive data, we may redirect you to an email list instead

Join the opensource-discuss list

Join the removed link to google group mailing list (group charter) for general discussion of topics in open source.