Open Source Hardware

The Open Source Programs Office helps Googlers and Characters release high-quality open source hardware projects. Our goal is to make open source hardware easier to make and to improve the ecosystem as a whole.

Before you begin

  • Understand your project goals: go/why-hardware
  • Understand hardware-specific considerations, including component selection and toolchain choices: go/hardware-considerations

Releasing your project

Please see go/releasing for an overview of the process of releasing an open source project at Google.

For projects hosted on GitHub, follow the processes to set up your GitHub account and GitHub two-factor authentication. If you are unfamiliar with using Git and GitHub, take a look at these guides.


Please see go/releasing/preparing#license.


In addition to the resources available at go/releasing/distributing the following additional resources are available to hardware projects.

Once your source files have been released via the normal go/releasing process send a message to emailremoved@ and we will share the login information via go/cupid for you to release your files on these sites.


Thingiverse is a repository for 3D model and drawing files similar to what GitHub is for source code. Most of the files on Thingiverse are for 3D Printing, but it also hosts a large amount of laser cuttable and CNC milling files.


PrusaPrinters is a community of 3D printer users. It hosts model files suitable for 3D printing and is is a recent alternative to Thingiverse. The hardware team maintains a role account for releasing Google project files.

Contact us

If you have any questions or want to discuss a project with the Open Source Hardware Team, please contact us at emailremoved@