Ariane is our internal launch calendar tool. It tracks approvals to make sure all appropriate sign-offs have happened before a launch.


A Changelist (often abbreviated "CL") is a set of changes to files in Piper. It's the equivalent of a Git commit or a Subversion revision.


Our internal code review tool. It is in the same family of review style as Gerrit and Rietveld. It's discussed more thoroughly in


An internal tool to quickly analyze open source projects prior to release. Cross scans a code repository and warns when a repository doesn't meet our open source licensing rules. The name is derived from a previous tool it replaced named "check-oss-release".


Forge is our large scale distributed build and test system that takes advantage of Google infrastructure to run individual build steps and tests across a fleet of machines.

'go' is our internal link shortener. We have a lot of go/something links. It's basically an internal only version of


The internal name for our main Piper source repository, and identifies the third incarnation of the source layout for Google production code.


Google's production git service, which is used to host internal and external projects including Android and Chromium. git-on-borg integrates Gerrit as a code review tool.


The internal name for Google Play Services.


Open Source Programs Office. It oversees open source compliance and many of the outreach programs for all of Google and Alphabet.


Google's internal source control system:


SignCLA is our internal system for managing Contributor License Agreements (go/cla). It integrates with both GitHub and git-on-borg for checking that contributions are covered by a CLA.


An internal program analysis platform aimed at building a data-driven ecosystem around program analysis. Tightly integrated with Critique, it provides developers with information about code issues as part of the code review process. It works like a bot that puts comments directly on the review.


An internal tool for doing large scale cleanups and code changes. It splits a large patch into smaller pieces which can be reviewed, tested, and submitted independently.


An internal tool for monitoring security issues with open source packages used at Google. It is a phonetic pastiche of Vulnerability MOnIToring.