Discover Open Source at Google

Teams from all across Google are using, patching, and releasing open source software. We want to make it easier for Googlers to find each other.

Here are a few ways you can learn more about Google open source projects and the Googlers who work on them.

Open Source Project Directory [Deprecated]

IMPORTANT: This directory will be deprecated in Q1 of 2022.

We maintain a public directory of open source projects that you can use to discover open source projects Googlers have released. The source files that power the project directory include a list of project owners, which is not shared with the public.

You can use the project directory to discover projects and the source files to find some of the Googlers who worked on that project. However, the directory relies on Googlers to add their projects, so it isn't an exhaustive reference and the data may be stale.

  1. Search for the project in the directory.
  2. Take the project name from the URL (eg. grpc).
  3. Find the directory of the same name in //piper/.../projectdb.
  4. Open the project.textpb file in the project directory and look for the google_owners field.


The emailremoved@ Google Group is a forum for discussing open source, sharing knowledge, and seeking advice. While not a structured resource, you may find it a useful way to discover who else is working on open source and what they're up to. Please review the group charter at go/opensource-discuss-charter before posting.


The emailremoved@ Google Group is a lower-traffic, announcements-only list. Subscribe to learn about open source events and programs, policy changes, and new resources for open source projects and participants at Google and Alphabet.

The Patch

The Patch is an internal newsletter about open source both inside and outside of Google. Sent out twice a quarter, The Patch will keep you apprised of internal tooling improvements to make your open source contributions easier, key open source launches, policy updates, and more. For more information and past issues, visit go/thepatch. To subscribe directly, visit removed link to google group.

Googlers on GitHub newsletter

Googlers on GitHub is a quarterly newsletter for Googlers developing software on GitHub, including articles on useful automations and developer tools, updates from the OSPO GitHub Admin team, and valuable tips & tricks from the GitHub community. For more information and past issues, visit go/googlers-on-github-newsletter. To subscribe directly, join removed link to google group.