Open Source Comms Program

We serve as the online voice of Google Open Source in the community, and support open source across Google and Alphabet by providing and coordinating marketing, editorial, and PR services. We aim to strike a balance between Googley, academic, and newslike, both in tone and content.

Our goals are to:

  • Encourage the success of open source projects released by Google.
  • Build goodwill with open source communities that are important to Google.
  • Provide leadership on corporate open source policy and process.

And we're here to help you! Here are a couple ways we can help:

  • Publish your open source news, such as new releases and initiatives, on our blog and social media channels.
  • Review and advise on communications, such as blog posts and presentations, relating to open source, or directed at open source audiences.

Have questions? Need help? Want to give us a heads up about something? Reach out any time at emailremoved@. While this page is actively maintained to stay up to date with all publishing information regarding open source comms, you can subscribe to emailremoved@ to receive news about updates we have.