License Review for Shipping Products


If you are shipping any kind of compiled code outside the company, you need to read this.

This covers:

  • Android Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • Desktop Applications
  • Server Applications
  • Consumer Hardware
  • Manufacturing Hardware
  • Shared Libraries
  • Proprietary binary blobs
  • Anything else that contains something that started out as Google authored source code and isn’t source anymore.

Your app or device definitely includes open source software, and we need to perform a simple check to make sure we are satisfying our obligations under the licenses.

This does not cover source releases covered by go/releasing.

If you are an Android app that builds with Blaze, a GMS Core module, a GMS Core SDK component, or Granular SDK we have an automated form you can use below. Otherwise scroll to the bottom section of this page.

You may need to display some text to a user within a help and/or settings menu. You may have scarier obligations like having to give the source to your app to every user. We use this process to figure out where you stand and make sure everything is OK before you ship.

The review is a legal requirement- it has nothing to do with whether your app or product is open source.

Every time compiled software is distributed outside of Google, we trigger license compliance obligations. A license review must be performed for the initial launch of any compiled software, and for every subsequent release. However, if the software ships multiple releases per month then a minimum of at least one license review per month is sufficient.

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