Releasing open source documentation

License requirements

Our preferred license for open sourcing code is to use the Apache 2.0 license, but for non-source code releases, including documentation and documentation templates, the CC-BY 4.0 is our preferred license.

For non source code works, the generalized language of the CC-BY license provides for clearer downstream interpretation. In both cases the work is being published with irrevocable permission granted to the public to copy, modify, and redistribute the work, provided that attribution is preserved.

Template license options

For documentation template releases the CC-BY 4.0 license is preferred.

Patching documentation

For patches to existing documentation, please follow the guidance for patching code at go/patching.

Existing template repositories

The OpenDocs repository on GitHub is available for releasing documentation templates. If you have documentation templates you would like to release in this repository, please contact emailremoved@.

Documentation help

If you need help creating documentation for your open source project, please contact emailremoved@

Other resources

The Docsy project is a Google-backed template for creating technical documentation with the Hugo static site generator.

The Season of Docs program provides grants to open source organizations to work with technical writers to create, update, or improve open source documentation.

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