Beyond the open source software we directly use and release at Google, we also work to support the sustainability of open source organizations and communities. Many of these efforts are focused on introducing new people to open source.

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code aims to bring new contributors into the open source community by providing an opportunity for university students to spend their summer working on open source. Students are paired with a mentor from a participating organization to help them along the way. Many become lifetime contributors!

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Google Code-in

Google Code-in is a global online contest introducing teenagers to the world of open source. By completing bite-sized tasks, students earn prizes including a grand prize trip to Google headquarters in California. Experienced open source contributors provide mentorship and guidance making it easy for beginners to jump in and get acquainted with open source.

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Google Season of Docs

Google Season of Docs brings technical writers and open source projects together to work on open source documentation. Together the writers and mentors from the project build new documentation sets, improve existing docs, develop much-needed tutorials, and enhance contribution processes and guides.

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OSS-Fuzz is a free fuzzing-as-a-service platform for popular open source projects, and is based on the open source ClusterFuzz. With full end-to-end automation, OSS-Fuzz uncovers security vulnerabilities and stability issues, and reports them directly to developers. To date, OSS-Fuzz has reported 15,000+ bugs in over 225 OSS projects.

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In addition to the programs we run, we participate in and support numerous open source organizations and events throughout the community. Ranging from small grassroots efforts to established foundations, these organizations play a critical role in the world of open source.

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